Friday, October 2, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 24 Weeks

What I Love About Alyssa at 24 Weeks!

Oh my gosh baby girl you are getting SO big!!!  There are so many things I love about you.  It is bittersweet to watch you grow.  The new things you are doing are so exciting but it makes me sad to know that you are not going to stay little forever.  I want to cherish every moment!

I love how different you are from your brothers, even if that means that you do not want to eat baby food!  Your brothers were delighted with anything that we put in their mouth!  You act like it is torture when I try to feed you baby food!  Honey Pie...this is the good stuff.  This is homemade baby food made by your Mommy!!  Trust me, it is so much better than the stuff that comes in a jar!  Maybe it isn't the it a texture thing?!?!

No worries though baby - you will grow to love to eat.  I know that because you are kin to me after all! :-)

Ok - I know I know...I am suppose to deter thumb sucking...but I just can't!  You are so DARN CUTE sucking your thumb!!  Once again - another trait where you are so different from your brothers.  They were both pacifier babies.  You will take the pacifier sometimes - but your thumb is your favorite!

I love how cute you look in your fall clothes!  Your cute little patns with flowers on them and the cute little shoes I got on clearance at Wal-Mart (of course I had to take out the shoe laces and replace with pink ribbon - just for you!!)  I can't wait to put you in some fall dresses and leggings!  Hopefully we can find some cute clothes when we go shopping with MiMi next weekend :-)

I love the relationship you and Seth are developing!  In the picture above of your in your pants he so enjoyed holding you up for that picture!  In this picture above he was enjoying holding your pacifier while you chewed (teething).  It is fun to listen to yall giggle with each other!  I have a feeling yall are going to be very close!  You won't ever have to worry about anything Alyssa - your big brothers are going to protect you!!

Speaking of teething - you are starting to really chew on things.  There is no tooth yet, but you are loving your teethers (especially right after they come out of the refridgerator) and you are drooling like crazy...that first tooth is sure to pop out any day now!

I love how cute you look when I put you down for your nap!  Now that you can roll over you are determined to sleep on your belly...and it is so cute how you love your blankets!  If I put the blankets on top of you (of course I tuck them in on the sides to avoid a SIDS risk) you sleep really well.  You are doing really good about putting yourself to sleep will fuss but only for a minute or two!

I love this picture of you from this week...this day you did decide that you didn't want to nap long.  I put you on the blanket to play and found you like this...watching laid like this for the longest time.  It was just too sweet!

When I read on the Lil' Ladybug blog this week about Carissa's little girl loving her jump-a-roo it made me realize that you were probably ready for your Johnny Jump Up.  I loved your first reaction to it.  You LOVED it!  You twirled around in circles and chewed on the hanging toys for a good while!  It just seem right that you are big enough for this yet!!  But you do look cute playing in it!

To end with I will say how much I love your backside in this sleeper!!  You look soo cute with little ruffles on your tush!! hee hee

I love you so much Alyssa!!  I hope you always know that!

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