Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 26 Weeks

 Alyssa - 26 Weeks

I love how much you are enjoying your new chair that your MiMi got for you.  You love being able to sit up and you love the activity tray that attaches to it.

I love you but it's official - you are a TOOT!!  We were still having problems with getting you to eat.  We started the week making a little bit of progress when Granny fed you some peas.  You were at the table with us watching us eat and I think that helped...but you still would try to spit out as much as you could before you swallowed.  Well you were doing this on Thursday night at my Mom's and I finally went "Alyssa, it's not that bad" and proceeded to take a bite of the cereal myself with you watching me.  You did a complete 180 after the point that you were pulling my hand to you to get the spoon in your mouth (I got the picture above).  You finished her whole bowl of cereal!!  You are such a toot!  I guess I just had to literally show you what to do.

I love how much you loved your travel swing at MiMi's this week!  You loved playing with the hanging toys and seemed very content to nap in it!!

I love how much you are enjoying playing on the floor!  As long as you have your blankie and a toy you are happy and will play on the floor for the longest time!!   And you are wanting to crawl SO BAD!  It won't be long at all.  

I love how much you enjoyed your evening naps with Poppy! Yall looked so cute and very content napping in his chair :-)

I can't wait to get back home because your leggings from Little Bits came in!  I can't wait to try them on and get some adorable pictures of you in them!!!  :-)  Your Itty Bitty Ball from Little Bits should be there by time we get home too!!  I can't wait to see it either!  I hope you love it!!!

I love you Alyssa!  You continue to melt my heart!!

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  1. Oooh I love her little seat, I have seen those in the store ;).

    FUNNY about you eating her food ;)

    And her smile, oh my it's huge--I LOVE it!!!!


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