Sunday, January 31, 2010

WAlyssa – 41 Week

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What I Love About Alyssa – 41 Weeks

Alyssa I love the little personality you are developing and how much fun you are to be around!  Everyone just adores you.  We had a good week this week…even with you having a little cold :-)!  You are not going to let anything get you down though!

This was a scene I walked in on this week and laughed so hard when I saw this!!  You had crawled inside one of those fold up clothes hampers and Aaron was pulling you around the kitchen floor in it.  You both were just a giggling too!  It was so cute!

You had a fun time playing with your Daddy and brothers this week!  Yall took a ride on Daddy’s belly…

and in the boys’ tonka dump truck!  You just squealed with delight!

You love being on the floor playing with your toys…that is when you are not picking up other stuff off the floor and putting it in your mouth!  Your Granny has given you the nickname “Hoover”. 

You have definitely turned the corner on eating!  You love to eat…especially when I give you something that you can feed yourself!  You think you are so big just like your brothers!


Alyssa you are a hambone and I love you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Alyssa – 40 Weeks

Ok…not only am I late on this post but I was also very bad last week of not getting pictures – UGH!  Hopefully I can do better this week :-)

Alyssa had her 9 month well baby check up last week.  She is officially a “stick”!!  Her weight was 17 lb 8 oz (38% on the charts) but her height was 29 inches (96% on the charts) – she is long and skinny!  But overall it was a good check up!

Sadly though this weekend she had her very first ear infection :-( and we had our very first sick visit to the dr on Saturday.  But she is a trooper and she is doing better now!

I am happy to say that I have been able to find, I mean MAKE, time in my schedule to start sewing again!  I have always loved sewing but ever since Aaron has been born have had a hard time to find time to do it.  Well, now that I have a girl, I am wanting to do it again!  And I am already having so much fun at it!! 

Here are two dresses I have already made for her!

The polka dot dress is going to be her Valentine’s dress.  I made myself a skirt out of the same material :-)  I can’t wait to get pictures of us together in our outfits!!

Here are two pictures I did get.  These were from last Sunday.  This was a dress her Granny got her for Christmas!!  She looked super cute in it!!


Alyssa I love how cute you are!  You are learning how to wave and really reach your arms out when you want to be held!  It is so sweet.  It just melts my heart! 

You are super super fast at your belly crawling!  You don’t seem to have a desire to crawl on your hands and knees but why would you when you can belly scoot so well!

I love how you remained so sweet, probably even got sweeter, when you were sick this week!  I hated that you were sick but am so glad that is was just a minor ear infection!  I pray for your health every morning.  I do not like it when any of my babies are sick!

Alyssa I love you!  Even though I don’t get that many pictures of you on some weeks it doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent time with you or you haven’t had a cute week…I have just been too busy enjoying you to pause to grab the camera!  I don’t want to miss the moment :-)

I love you baby girl!!  The past 9 months with you have been a dream!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I Love About Alyssa – Catch Up

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What I love about Alyssa – 36 – 39 weeks!!


Ok – so yes, I got behind.  It was just kind of hard to get everything done during the Christmas holidays!!  But I am catching up now!!!

Alyssa you had a WONDERFUL first Christmas!!  We had so much fun with you!

You loved Santa Clause.  You would smile any time you would see one and you just grinned when we put you in Santa’s lap!

Even though you can belly crawl all over the house (and are super fast) you are still a bit wobbly when trying to sit up.  Your little blue chair worked perfect for you to sit in to enjoy Christmas morning though!


I think the wrapping paper was your favorite part.  You would get mad if we tried to take it from you.


You loved yuor monkey toy that you got.  There are so many different things to do on that one little toy!


In fact I think you were happy with all the goodies you got for Christmas!


I think you look adorable in all your new clothes!!  Your aunt Jennie got you a bunch of new clothes!!  You has some you can wear now and some you will grow into in a few months!!


Alyssa I just love your chicken legs!!!  You are so different from the boys!!  Both boys were so chunky and full of rolls but I don’t think there is one roll on your body!!  You are super long but you are very lean as well!! 


You love to make faces with your tongue!!  It is so cute!




You are developing such a sweet personality!!  Everyone just loves you!


Of course you still love to wrinkle that nose!


You are still enjoying the activity table on your blue chair!  It will usually keep you occupied long enough for a school session with the boys!  :-)


You are finally growing some hair!!!  I am starting to be able to put bows in your hair…the thickest part of your hair is still towards the back of your head but I am thinking in another few weeks we will be able to snap a bow on the front part of your head :-)  Hopefully in time for Easter?!?!?


You have really made progress in your eating solid foods!!  You love to eat now.  You are eating any baby food we give you but you are so happy when we feed you “real” food!  You LOVE sweet potatoes! 

You also love the baby puffs.  You are doing such a good job of grasping them and getting them to your mouth!

You have even eaten a few cheerios and goldfish crackers.  You do so well crunching them with your now 6 front teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom).

You have survived what the boys have fed you as well :-)  Aaron loves to feed you.  We have to keep a constant watch on him!  I think the favorite thing you enjoyed him giving you was a fried okra at a restaurant one night.  You were so happy with that okra!  In fact so happy that I just watched to see how you would handle it and you gummed it down until you were able to swallow it!

I was a bit concerned at first about your eating habits but I am no longer!  You are going to be a good eater!!  :-)

You are also really starting to chatter.  You are saying all different consonant  sounds and you have gotten real good at saying “MaMa”  :-)

I love you so much “Missy” (my new nickname for you!).  You are such a delight to have in our lives!!

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