Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good Morning Girls

I had a hard time figuring out what blog to put this post on (maybe my problem is that I have too many blogs - LOL).  I was trying to decide if it should go here or on my homeschooling blog.  I finally decided to put it here and I will put a link post on the homeschooling blog!

For a few months now I have been following two blogs - Women Living Well, authored by Courtney, a wonderful blog with many tips of how to be a homemaker, a wife, and a mother.  She was even featured on the Rachel Ray show.  She is also co-author of Good Morning Girls.  Good Morning Girls is the "hub" blog for Good Morning Girls groups!  These groups are basically quiet time accountability groups.  These are groups of women who check in with each other each morning to say that they had their quiet time and share anything that they learned or discovered through their study of the Word that morning.  The Good Morning Girls blog hosts a bible study each semester that the groups can choose to go through together if they want.  The bible study this semester is the book of James.  Whosoever chooses is going through the book of James, a few verses a day, using the S.O.A.P. method.  (which is write down the Scripture, then write down Observations, then write down Applications, and then write out a Prayer).

When they started announcing that the winter semester was fixing to start up I thought this would be something neat to be involved with.  They have a discussion forum where ladies can go to find a group to get plugged into, or to start a group.  When I went there I noticed that there were quite a few ladies that were looking for a group that mentioned that they homeschooled.  I got the idea to start a Good Morning Girls facebook group for homeschool moms.  So I put a post on there that I was starting that and within just a couple of days there were 30 ladies that wanted to be a part of this group!!

This group is made up of ladies from all over the United States!!  And we are having a blast getting to know each other through Facebook.  There are some super neat ladies in this group. We are doing the James study and I know I am learning a lot!

And this is the part that made me conflicted on what blog to share...  Several in our family were recently involved in a Valentine's project for our kids!!  One mom put a post on the group several weeks ago about her daughter being upset that since she was homeschooled she was not involved in any valentine's exchanges like kids in public school are.   She was writing to see if we had any suggestions.  Well the idea came to my mind about doing a group project for our kids.  I posed the idea of our kids mailing valentine's to one another.  And there were quite a few that thought this was also a good idea!  Another mom even mentioned that it could be a geography lesson.  You could get a map and mark where the valentine's were from!

There were 12 families that were involved in this project that spanned over 9 different states!  I personally thought this project was a lot of fun!  My kids LOVED getting all the valentine's in the mail!  In fact it created a monster out of my 21 month old Alyssa!!  She got to where everytime Daniel brought the mail in she thought it was for her! LOL!

Here are some pics from opening our valentines.  (you will notice the same clothes on the kids - LOL! - we got most of these during our winter storm.  Which means we got quite a bit in the same day...and then some more the next day (when we spent the day in our pjs because it was so cold outside)!  And then we opened the rest yesterday at the table since we were out of town this weekend).

 (I don't remember why she got upset in this pic...probably because I wouldn't let her eat her candy)

Here is our map with our heart stickers all over showing where all the valentines came from!  Our first geography lesson!!!  :-)

I am really excited to see what this group will come up with next!!  This group is a blessing in my life!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new post on my new blog

In case you missed the post yesterday :-) I have created a new blog for my sewing posts!  So from now on all sewing related posts will be posted on that blog instead of this blog.  There is a form on that blog to sign up to receive posts by email.  You can also follow the blog if you like to read your blog posts through a reader!

I made my first post on that blog today - a new valentine's outfit for me!!  Click on this link http://loveofsewing.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-valentines-dress.html to go see that post!

Just wanted to make sure I gave you fair warning that I will no longer be posting sewing posts on this blog!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have a new sewing blog!

I have thought about this for some time but have finally made the "plunge"!  I have decided to start a sewing blog to dedicate to all my sewing posts!  Everything about the new blog will be sewing related!  I will have a list of sewing blogs that I follow and that is where I will put my sewing posts!

I invite all of you over to my new blog.  Come in look around, become a follower, subscribe via email, and let me know what you think!!  I love comments!!  :-)

See you over there!

(I will still have this blog open to post family updates, stories, funnies, etc...)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I want this book!!

Allfreesewing.com is offering a giveaway for this book!!!  Click here for more information.  I would love to win this book!! I get an extra chance at winning if I blog about it :-).  Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Dress!!

WOW!  I didn't think that when I posted this post with my drawing of my new design for a dress for Alyssa that I would be writing another post that SAME DAY of the completed dress!!  I can't believe that not only was this a dress that I designed - it WORKED without any redos and it came together QUICK!!!  This is definitely a pattern I will be saving and doing again!!

And if any of you are interested let me know and I can post the pattern on here for you!!

So here is my dress!! It is an elastic waist skrit (with wide elastic that shows on outside).  The top is a peasant style top and the skirt is a circle style skirt!

Here is Alyssa modeling it!  She LOVES it!!

Linking up with the following:
Whimsy Couture

A new obsession?

Ok so I may be becoming obsessed!  But I had so much fun designing Alyssa's Valentines Dress!  I have always wanted to be able to design my own clothes but never thought I would actually ever get there!  And I did (well I didn't design something for me, but I did do it for my daughter!  Hopefully one day I will do it for myself!)

Anyways when I was looking through my fabrics to figure out what to do I actually had several ideas in my head and I am now starting on the second idea in my head.  I spent last night with a notebook scribbling out notes!

Hopefully this will turn into a cute dress when I am done!  :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alyssa's Valentine's Dress!!

 I DID IT!!!  I can't believe I did it!!  I made my first dress without a pattern, without a tutorial to follow!!!  Of course it didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked....but I am just learning and I am just glad that in the end, after many trials and errors, and much work with a seam ripper, that I successfully completed it and it is wearable - LOL!!!  :-)

I just looked through several pictures of dresses online that I liked and sat at my table with several different fabrics and figured out what I wanted to do!  (side note:  the red polka dot material, all of the material on the bodice of the dress, and the heart material were actually cotton tea towels that were on the $1 aisle at Target!!!  I had seen a post of a lady making skirts out of them and originally was going to do that but decided to use them in this dress instead!)

The dress actually looks better on Alyssa than on the hanger - so here she is modeling the dress.  Unfortunately she wasn't in much of a modeling mood this morning.  Oh well!  (she's eating her cereal in this picture)
 Here is the back of the dress.  It has an elastic kind of shirr take off in the middle.  I want so bad to take a stab at shirring but my wal-mart is out of the elastic thread.  I have looked several times.  I just haven't had a chance to make it to another store to find it.  So I just used elastic for this.  It worked, thankfully!
 And see those pretty red sparkly shoes??  Her granny bought those for her this past weekend and she loves them!!!  (Even though they are still a bit too big)
Yay!  I am glad I got it done!  Even though it didn't come out as good as I had envisioned...I think it still turned out pretty good!
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