Friday, September 25, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 23 Weeks

Alyssa - 23 Weeks

- I love your cute faces that you make!!

-I love your beautiful smiles!  You smile with your entire face!

-I love how cute you looked in your first pair of blue jeans on the first day of Fall!!

-I love how cute you look in your fall clothes!  It sure was fun to be able to wear them and enjoy the cooler weather this week!

-I love how you can swing yourself to sleep while we are trying to have school.  You make it so easy for us!

I loved seeing how excited you were with yourself when you finally rolled over from your back to your tummy on Thursday of this week!!  Now all you want to do is roll.  You rolled across Granny's entire living room last night!

-I love how much your brothers love you and adore you!  (this picture just MELTS my heart!)

-I love that you want to be with your brothers and are so happy when they pay attention to you!

-I love how much you are loving your butterfly on your activity gym (when you are not busy trying to roll!)
-I love watching you develop your little personality.  You are so cute and so fun!  Life with you is going to be such a fun adventure!  I want to cherish every step of it!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 22 Weeks

Once again this has not been a good week in our household.  Both Daniel and I have been sick all week.  My week ended with me having to have my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.

So sad to say I once again was not able to get pictures and do this post like I really want to.  I can't wait for the day when I can really do this post like I want...maybe next week will be the week!

Aylssa, At 22 weeks I love:

- how you have stayed so healthy during this horrible two weeks.  You have managed to only get a small eye cold that is already cleared up!

-how easy you have been during these couple of weeks.  You are such a "go with the flow" baby and it has made things so much easier.

-how you have become such the little chatter box.  Your coos are so cute and you just love to tell your stories - especially funny stories to Daddy!

-how much you love your brothers and how your brothers can calm you down and make you happy.

-how much you love your blankie and your thumb!  It is just too cute!!

-I love you so much!!  I hope you realize just how much!  I endured having my wisdom teeth taken out with only a local anesthetic and laughing gas so that I could continue to nurse you!  There is no limit as to what I will do for you or my boys!  A mother's love is so strong!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 21 Weeks

Unfortunately most of our household was sick this week (Daddy and Alyssa were the only ones that weren't!) so I didn't get pictures done this week like she wanted for this post!  But I still wanted to make sure I got a post up so I grabbed a few today!!

What I love about you at 21 Weeks!
- I love the fact that you haven't gotten sick with this crud that the rest of the family has had!  You are so healthy and strong!
- How laid back (for the most part) you have been this week since Mommy and the boys have been sick.
-How you always giggle at Seth when he doesn't matter what he is saying or who he is talking to, you just love him!
-How excited you get to get changed into your pajamas at night.  I don't know what it is but every night you get fussy at about 8:30 until we go to change into your pajamas and you just giggle and coo the whole time I am dressing you!  It is too cute!

-Your super long legs!!  You are going to outgrow your swing if you are not careful!!  It's so funny to see since your brothers had short legs!
-How you are really starting to grasp at your teethers and rattles and take such joy in it.  (hopefully I can get pictures for next week!)
-How you are growing so attached to your pink blankie - and how Mommy is super excited that we have 2 identical ones!  It will make washing them a lot easier!  (once again hopefully I can get a picture of you with it next week)
-How you continue to melt all of our hearts!!  We love you so much!!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love my husband!!

Just thought I should everyone know how much I love and adore my husband.  I could never ask for a better husband!  When I decided to get serious and go on a diet about a month ago he decided to dive in and do it with me.  He is the reason that I am succeeding!

I love my husband!

We all need to make sure we brag on our husbands!!  I don't want him to feel left out since so much of my time is devoted to my kids!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 20 Weeks

Ok I have been following the blog of a bloggy friend who's baby girl was born just a mere 3 days before Alyssa.  Each week she does a "What I Love About You" post and it is the cutest post.  I love reading it each week.  I have wanted to start doing that for Alyssa but seem to run out of time.  I am making myself find the time this week to start it up and am going to commit to make a post each week for my little girl!  I spend so much time posting about my boys and their school activities...I need to show some focus on Alyssa. 

It will also be fun to have these printed in a book for her to cherish years to come!

This first post is going to be about the first 20 weeks (to catch us up!)

I hope you enjoy these posts!

What I Love About You - The First 20 Weeks!

- that you were brought into our lives!  I cannot imagine life without you now.
- that you were only in the NICU for 8 seemed sooo long when it was happening...but I now realize it was only a glimpse of time
- that you and I have bonded so strongly
-that you are a good, quiet baby.  

- that you are adjusting to your brothers (and them to you)

- that you have already started sleeping through the night some (not always but I really can't complain)
-that you rolled over from your belly to your back at 16 weeks
- how cute you looked in the crocheted dresses I made for you (even though I failed to get good pictures of you in most of them and haven't had the time for make ones in larger sizes for you now!)

-How you love to chew on your clothes!  You have gotten to where if you are in a onesie I have to put a bib on you because you get upset when you can't get your onesie to your mouth!  So cute!!!
-the fact that your entire face lights up when you smile!
-How you love to smile at Mommy and Daddy
-How you love to have your brothers talk to you!
-the horrible faces you make when I try to feed you cereal.  You look at me like I am sticking dirt in your mouth!  It is so sad...but still so cute.  I can't wait to see your faces when we try veggies!
-your sweet sweet coos you make when we are snuggling in the chair.  I love our nursing and snuggling times!
-how you are taking such a liking to your pink blanket and your baby doll.  You are such a snuggler!
-how cute you look sucking your thumb.  It makes it so hard for me to try to get you to stop and choose the pacifier instead!
-Your chubby cheeks that just don't quit! : )
-How cute you look when you are sleeping.
-I could go on and on!!  You are my sunshine!

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