Friday, September 11, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 21 Weeks

Unfortunately most of our household was sick this week (Daddy and Alyssa were the only ones that weren't!) so I didn't get pictures done this week like she wanted for this post!  But I still wanted to make sure I got a post up so I grabbed a few today!!

What I love about you at 21 Weeks!
- I love the fact that you haven't gotten sick with this crud that the rest of the family has had!  You are so healthy and strong!
- How laid back (for the most part) you have been this week since Mommy and the boys have been sick.
-How you always giggle at Seth when he doesn't matter what he is saying or who he is talking to, you just love him!
-How excited you get to get changed into your pajamas at night.  I don't know what it is but every night you get fussy at about 8:30 until we go to change into your pajamas and you just giggle and coo the whole time I am dressing you!  It is too cute!

-Your super long legs!!  You are going to outgrow your swing if you are not careful!!  It's so funny to see since your brothers had short legs!
-How you are really starting to grasp at your teethers and rattles and take such joy in it.  (hopefully I can get pictures for next week!)
-How you are growing so attached to your pink blankie - and how Mommy is super excited that we have 2 identical ones!  It will make washing them a lot easier!  (once again hopefully I can get a picture of you with it next week)
-How you continue to melt all of our hearts!!  We love you so much!!

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