Friday, October 30, 2009

Alyssa – 28 Weeks

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What I Love About Alyssa – 28 Weeks


Alyssa it has been a CRAZY week!! Our house is a mess due to the fact that we are remodeling the kitchen.  And you have cut your bottom front two teeth.  So it has been sort of an off week for you but I love you and you are a trooper.

I love you more than you will ever know.  I do hope and pray that that this trend you have started this week of only being happy when Mommy is holding you is due to the chaos around us and once everything settles down you will go back to being my easy going baby.  :-)

I love your thumb sucking habit…I know it is a bad habit (I think we have discussed this before – ha!) but you are so cute about it.  You are not super serious about it but there are times when you just love to suck it though!  Nothing else will satisfy you.


I love the fact that we have finally found a food that you like – applesauce!!  You have eaten it up the past two days (and it is all going in the mouth – the bib is CLEAN when we are done!  Wow!)

I love how much you love your Itty Bitty Ball from Little Bits.  I know I have mentioned it before but you really do love this ball!! 




I love how much you are trying to crawl.  You want to move around and be right with your brothers so bad! 

I love you in your poodle costume that I made you for Halloween!!  You look so cute and so girly!  And you know you are cute in it.  You make the cutest little faces in it!



I love the pictures that I got of you this morning.  We did not get many pictures done this week due to the chaos in the house but this morning I decided to get you dressed up and take some pictures.  I found out through a friend’s blog about Picnik – a really cool online photo editing site.  Right now I am just playing with the free version….but it is becoming very tempting to pay the $24.95 yearly price for the premium service!!  There are so many cool effects and it is very user friendly…I am going to try to be good and not pay that premium but it is going to be quite hard I think because I am having so much fun and they love to tease you with the premium features. (I touched up all the pictures on this post with Picnik.  Makes me look like  I am a good photographer huh?  *I’m really not*)


Alyssa you are growing up way too fast!!!  I want to cherish every moment I can with you while you are so small…because it will only be here for a moment!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Alyssa – 27 Weeks

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What I Love About Alyssa – 27 Weeks


Oh Alyssa!  You are getting SOO big!!  We had your 6 month check up yesterday and the dr said you are very tall!  Your height is off the charts!!  I love watching you grow, even though it is bittersweet!


I love how you are starting to reach out for me.  It just melts my heart!!  And when I pick you up you hug me – hard!!  You are becoming so affectionate!

I love how much you are finally enjoying your baths!!  Thanks to our new chair from MiMi we have been able to stick the foam insert in the sink for you to sit in and you are loving it!!



We are also able to stick the foam insert in your high chair for you to be able to sit better in there as well.  Some of the readers may not know that Daddy made the high chair when I was pregnant with Seth.  The only problem is that is it so rigid for little wobbly booties like yours :-)  But that little foam sheet does solve the problem.  And you love being able to be up at the table with the family!


I love your baby eating habits – they are so funny.  One day you eat it, the next day you don’t!  At least we are starting to show some interest!


I sure do love the leggings that we got from Little Bits!  I think I just may have to order some more :-)  (I ordered 3 pair but have only been able to get pics in 1 pair so far…it has been a weird week…hopefully I will have pictures of the other two on next week’s post!)





You LOVE your Itty Bitty Ball from Little Bits – I mean you LOVE it A LOT!!!  You just don’t like the fact that it rolls away from you.  You will be crawling in no time to make sure you get to your ball!!



I love how much you love your brothers!  You want to play with them so bad.  You love watching them run around like crazy and think it is quite comical.

Oh my!  You are cutting your first two teeth this week.  And bless your heart it has been quite painful.  Sunday night you fussed all night.  You have been doing better since then but you moan alot in your sleep.  I feel so sorry for you.  Teething drops will help some but they wear off pretty quick.

I wanted to get your 6 month pictures done (in all your leggings) this week but with my computer crashing I just didn’t get to it.  Hopefully this next week we can get them done!

I love you so much Alyssa!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 26 Weeks

 Alyssa - 26 Weeks

I love how much you are enjoying your new chair that your MiMi got for you.  You love being able to sit up and you love the activity tray that attaches to it.

I love you but it's official - you are a TOOT!!  We were still having problems with getting you to eat.  We started the week making a little bit of progress when Granny fed you some peas.  You were at the table with us watching us eat and I think that helped...but you still would try to spit out as much as you could before you swallowed.  Well you were doing this on Thursday night at my Mom's and I finally went "Alyssa, it's not that bad" and proceeded to take a bite of the cereal myself with you watching me.  You did a complete 180 after the point that you were pulling my hand to you to get the spoon in your mouth (I got the picture above).  You finished her whole bowl of cereal!!  You are such a toot!  I guess I just had to literally show you what to do.

I love how much you loved your travel swing at MiMi's this week!  You loved playing with the hanging toys and seemed very content to nap in it!!

I love how much you are enjoying playing on the floor!  As long as you have your blankie and a toy you are happy and will play on the floor for the longest time!!   And you are wanting to crawl SO BAD!  It won't be long at all.  

I love how much you enjoyed your evening naps with Poppy! Yall looked so cute and very content napping in his chair :-)

I can't wait to get back home because your leggings from Little Bits came in!  I can't wait to try them on and get some adorable pictures of you in them!!!  :-)  Your Itty Bitty Ball from Little Bits should be there by time we get home too!!  I can't wait to see it either!  I hope you love it!!!

I love you Alyssa!  You continue to melt my heart!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 25 Weeks

What I Love Aabout Alyssa - 25 Weeks

I love your big beautiful smile!!  Your whole body lights up when you smile!!  You are precious.

I love how much you missed your Daddy when he was gone this week.  Even though it was very hard on Mommy and made for a long night...when I think back to Tuesday night and you crying out every time you looked over at his empty chair... it just melts my heart.

I don't love how much pain you are in due to teething.  I still don't feel a tooth but you are drooling like crazy, you are chewing on everything and cry when I touch your poor thing!  I am praying the tooth comes in soon!!  I will love that! :-)

You are cracking me up with your baby food!  I cannot get you to eat it!  We tried carrots this week (yes I know you are suppose to all the green veggies first but you are having such a fit I thought I would see how you did with the orange veggies that are a bit sweeter).  You didn't scream like you did with the peas...but you still did not like it!!  Your face still grimaced and and you put your tongue so far in the back of your mouth I thought you were going to choke on it!  You didn't want to have anything to do with it!!  I don't think you swallowed any of it!  What am I going to do with you???

I love our snuggle times!  You love to snuggle!!  I don't mind it when you wake up super early in the morning because I just put you in the big bed with me and we snuggle!!


I love how, most of the time, you are very good for me when it comes time to do school with the boys!   You just want to make sure you are a part of it as well.  You love to be involved with what your brothers are doing!

I love how you are really starting to talk...I think you are going to be a talker.  You really act like you are trying to tell us a funny story!

I love how, as I am typing this, you are on the floor and have rolled over to my feet and are sucking on my toe!!   Girl - there are better things to suck on!!

I love you sunshine!! 

Friday, October 2, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa - 24 Weeks

What I Love About Alyssa at 24 Weeks!

Oh my gosh baby girl you are getting SO big!!!  There are so many things I love about you.  It is bittersweet to watch you grow.  The new things you are doing are so exciting but it makes me sad to know that you are not going to stay little forever.  I want to cherish every moment!

I love how different you are from your brothers, even if that means that you do not want to eat baby food!  Your brothers were delighted with anything that we put in their mouth!  You act like it is torture when I try to feed you baby food!  Honey Pie...this is the good stuff.  This is homemade baby food made by your Mommy!!  Trust me, it is so much better than the stuff that comes in a jar!  Maybe it isn't the it a texture thing?!?!

No worries though baby - you will grow to love to eat.  I know that because you are kin to me after all! :-)

Ok - I know I know...I am suppose to deter thumb sucking...but I just can't!  You are so DARN CUTE sucking your thumb!!  Once again - another trait where you are so different from your brothers.  They were both pacifier babies.  You will take the pacifier sometimes - but your thumb is your favorite!

I love how cute you look in your fall clothes!  Your cute little patns with flowers on them and the cute little shoes I got on clearance at Wal-Mart (of course I had to take out the shoe laces and replace with pink ribbon - just for you!!)  I can't wait to put you in some fall dresses and leggings!  Hopefully we can find some cute clothes when we go shopping with MiMi next weekend :-)

I love the relationship you and Seth are developing!  In the picture above of your in your pants he so enjoyed holding you up for that picture!  In this picture above he was enjoying holding your pacifier while you chewed (teething).  It is fun to listen to yall giggle with each other!  I have a feeling yall are going to be very close!  You won't ever have to worry about anything Alyssa - your big brothers are going to protect you!!

Speaking of teething - you are starting to really chew on things.  There is no tooth yet, but you are loving your teethers (especially right after they come out of the refridgerator) and you are drooling like crazy...that first tooth is sure to pop out any day now!

I love how cute you look when I put you down for your nap!  Now that you can roll over you are determined to sleep on your belly...and it is so cute how you love your blankets!  If I put the blankets on top of you (of course I tuck them in on the sides to avoid a SIDS risk) you sleep really well.  You are doing really good about putting yourself to sleep will fuss but only for a minute or two!

I love this picture of you from this week...this day you did decide that you didn't want to nap long.  I put you on the blanket to play and found you like this...watching laid like this for the longest time.  It was just too sweet!

When I read on the Lil' Ladybug blog this week about Carissa's little girl loving her jump-a-roo it made me realize that you were probably ready for your Johnny Jump Up.  I loved your first reaction to it.  You LOVED it!  You twirled around in circles and chewed on the hanging toys for a good while!  It just seem right that you are big enough for this yet!!  But you do look cute playing in it!

To end with I will say how much I love your backside in this sleeper!!  You look soo cute with little ruffles on your tush!! hee hee

I love you so much Alyssa!!  I hope you always know that!

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