Friday, October 23, 2009

Alyssa – 27 Weeks

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What I Love About Alyssa – 27 Weeks


Oh Alyssa!  You are getting SOO big!!  We had your 6 month check up yesterday and the dr said you are very tall!  Your height is off the charts!!  I love watching you grow, even though it is bittersweet!


I love how you are starting to reach out for me.  It just melts my heart!!  And when I pick you up you hug me – hard!!  You are becoming so affectionate!

I love how much you are finally enjoying your baths!!  Thanks to our new chair from MiMi we have been able to stick the foam insert in the sink for you to sit in and you are loving it!!



We are also able to stick the foam insert in your high chair for you to be able to sit better in there as well.  Some of the readers may not know that Daddy made the high chair when I was pregnant with Seth.  The only problem is that is it so rigid for little wobbly booties like yours :-)  But that little foam sheet does solve the problem.  And you love being able to be up at the table with the family!


I love your baby eating habits – they are so funny.  One day you eat it, the next day you don’t!  At least we are starting to show some interest!


I sure do love the leggings that we got from Little Bits!  I think I just may have to order some more :-)  (I ordered 3 pair but have only been able to get pics in 1 pair so far…it has been a weird week…hopefully I will have pictures of the other two on next week’s post!)





You LOVE your Itty Bitty Ball from Little Bits – I mean you LOVE it A LOT!!!  You just don’t like the fact that it rolls away from you.  You will be crawling in no time to make sure you get to your ball!!



I love how much you love your brothers!  You want to play with them so bad.  You love watching them run around like crazy and think it is quite comical.

Oh my!  You are cutting your first two teeth this week.  And bless your heart it has been quite painful.  Sunday night you fussed all night.  You have been doing better since then but you moan alot in your sleep.  I feel so sorry for you.  Teething drops will help some but they wear off pretty quick.

I wanted to get your 6 month pictures done (in all your leggings) this week but with my computer crashing I just didn’t get to it.  Hopefully this next week we can get them done!

I love you so much Alyssa!!


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