Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coupon Savings Today!

The kids and I took a quick shopping trip today and got some good savings!  Overall I had a 35% savings on the value of my purchases!  Not as good as some trips but still not bad at all!!

Here is what I got at Walgreens.
They had their Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes on sale!  They were on sale for 2/$6 but you got $4 back in RR which made them really only $1 each.  I had $0.75/1 MF coupons to add to them so I got them for $0.25 each!!  I used the $8 I got back in RR to buy the kids some new firefly toothbrushes.  I only had to pay $1.05 for the 3 toothbrushes (Seth already ripped his out of the pkg before the pic so it's hard to see that there are 3 there) after applying the $8 RR. (they did not have any of the original item I initially wanted to buy...but the kids were happy with their toothbrushes).  So I only spent $10.17 for this $22.93 worth of items - a $12.76 savings!!  I'll take that!

Here is what I got at CVS:
I got all of this stuff for $10.03!!  They had their Hunt's Snack Pack puddings, chef boyardee, and Spaghetti o's on sale for 10/$10 and if you bought $10 worth you got $3 back in ECB.  I had a coupon for the puddings for buy 3 get one free!  I had a coupon for canned chef-boyardee but they were out of all of those...but the $1 sale was still good so I added more puddings and the chef boyardee micro cups and spaghetti o's so that I could get my 10 items and get my $3 ECB. (so after the coupon and the ECBs these ended up being $0.60 a piece!  Not bad!

The Xtra detergent was on sale for $1.49 (normally $2.99) for their 28 load botle.  I had two coupons that were $1/2 which made them $0.99 each.  I applied the $3 ECB and only payed $1.03 for them!

So I purchased $26.73 worth of items for $10.03 - which was a $16.70 savings!!  What a deal!

Here are some of the good deals I got at Wal-Mart -

I price match boneless skinless chicken breasts.  Wal-Mart had them for $1.88/lb but I found them in another grocer's sales ad for $1/lb!!!  So on the package I got, which was 4.61 lbs, that was a $4.05 savings!

Wal-Mart had their Taco Bell brand taco shells for $1.32 but I matched another grocer's ad for $0.99.  I then had a $1/2 MF coupon that I put on top of that so I got each package for $0.49!!

Wal-Mart had their Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls for $1.28 (for the small can) I price matched that with another grocer's ad for $0.79 and then added a $0.40/2 MF coupon so I got each tube for $0.39!!  They also had their Pilsbury crescent rolls for $1.27 for the small can that I price matched also with that ad for $0.79.  I then added a $0.50/2 MF coupon so I got those for $0.29 a tube!

Wal-Mart had their Hamburger Helper for $1.50 each.  I price matched them with another grocer's ad for $1.25 and then added $0.75/3 MF coupons so I got them for $1 a box!

So not a bad trip at all!  I really like this saving money thing!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I saved $71.83 today!!

WHOO HOO!!  I went shopping today using my sales ads and my coupons and saved $71.83!!  I am so happy!!  I thought I would share some of the deals that I got :-)!!

I went to four different stores - Target, Walgreens, CVS and Wal-Mart.

Here is a picture of what I got from Target!  I paid $4.98 for all of this!!!

The Suave shampoo was $0.84.  I had a MF coupon for $0.75/1 so I got it for $0.09!!
Target had web coupons if you buy an Airwick Freshmatic refill ($4.99 value) you got the gadget ($4.99 value) free.  I had two of these coupons.  So I picked up two gadgets and two refills.  I also had a MF coupon that was buy one refill and get one free.  So I got all 4 of these items ($19.96 value) for $4.99!!!
The degree deodorant was $0.97 and I had a $1.00/1 MF coupon for ANY degree deoderant. So I actually made $0.03 on this deodorant!  They applied the full coupon amount!! WHOO HOO! (love it when stores pay me to take items off of their shelf for them :-) )
The scissors were $1.49 each and I had a $1.00/1 MF coupon for each so I paid $0.49 for each of them!
I also had a $0.05 deduction applied to my total because I used my own bag to carry my items out in.  I also had $0.22 left on a gift card from the last time I was in the store!
So in the end I got $27.49 worth of items and paid only $4.98!!  That is a $22.51 savings!!

Next stop was Walgreens!!  Here are items that I got for $10.82!!

The Cottonelle 12 Big Rolls were on sale for $5 each and they had a deal going if you bought two then you got $3 RR.  Also the May Walgreens Coupon book had a $1/1 and that was applied to each and then I had two $0.50/1 MF Coupons!  (and I had a SUPER SWEET cashier that knew her stuff and when the register would not take the MF coupons she manually entered them (because you are able to stack a Walgreens coupon with a MF coupon!)  So that came to be $2.00 for each package!!  (that is $0.16 a roll!!)

The U by Kotex pads and liners were on sale for 2/$7 and you got back $2 RR when you bought 2.  I also had two $1/1 MF coupons to put on them so I ended up getting them for $1.50 a package!!!

I used the $5 RR I got on these on a second transaction to put towards Mother's Day gifts for the grandmas that the kids picked out for them :-)  (I can't share them on here because the grandma's might read this before they get their gifts!)

After this stop we went to McDonald's for lunch!  I let the kids play for a while on the playground!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and perfect for being outside.  They really seemed to enjoy the break too!  While they were playing I got to go through sales ads that I had picked up from my good friend Wendy this morning to figure out my match ups for our Wal-Mart trip!

We then went to CVS.  Here is a picture of what I got for $12.35!!
 I did this in two transactions (so that I could use my ECBs and get my full savings today!)

On the first transaction I got the Colgate toothpaste. The sale was you got it for $2.77 and then you got $2.77 back in ECBs!  (this means this was FREE!!!!)
I also got the Herbal Essence styling products.  CVS had them on sale for 2/$5.97 and you got back $2 in ECB bucks! I had a $1/1 MF coupon to put on top of that so I got each for $1.48!

On the second transaction I got three Listerine mouthwashes!  CVS had them on sale for $3.99 and I had three $1/1 MF coupons so I got each of them for $2.99 (good price for Listerine...not free but we were out). I used my $4.77 ECB from the first transaction to help pay for this one so that I got my full savings on the first transaction!

Our last stop was Wal-Mart!  Now I won't share everything that I got at Wal-Mart because a lot of it was our normal things that we needed and some didn't even have coupons (BOO! but what can you do!).  But I did find some really good savings and in the end I paid $58.47 for $78.71 worth of items - a savings of $20.24!!  That $20 is big to me!  :-)

But here are a few of the deals that I got:
The Scott Naturals toilet paper were on sale for $2.68 each (they were 4 mega roll pkg) I had two $1.50/1 MF coupons which made these $1.18 a package (which was $0.29 for each MEGA roll!!)  Man!  I scored big on toilet paper today!  LOL!!  We are stocked for a little while now :-)

The Skinner pasta was on sale at Krogers this week - they were running a deal that if you bought 10 of any of the participating items then you got an extra $5 off.  Thankfully the ad put the $0.50 off savings for each product so that you could price match!.  So the Krogers ad showed these pasta packages to be $0.38 each if you bought 10.  The price of these at Wal-Mart was $1.04 each!!  That was as savings of $0.66 on EACH - or $6.60 total!!

I also got the Reach Floss - Wal-Mart had it for $0.88 and I had $1/1 MF coupons!!  So Wal-Mart paid me  $0.12 per package of floss to take them out of their store!!  I only had 3 of these coupons left - so the total that Wal-Mart paid me today to take these was $0.36!!  (once again I LOVE it when stores pay me to take merchandise out of the store for them!!)

Not Pictured:
I also matched a deal at David's for pork butt roast (my favorite kind of roast - SO TENDER!).  They had it on sale for $1.99/lb.  Wal-Mart's price was $2.28/lb.  With the 7.24 lb roast that I got I saved $2.09!!  (and a roast that size will make two meals for my family!!)

I also matched David's ad for their Totino Party Pizzas!  My kids LOVE these pizzas and they make such easy lunches!  David's had them 10/$10.  Wal-Mart's price was $1.12 each!!  I also had two $1/5 MF coupons to put on top of them so I got each pizza for $0.80.  This provided a total savings of $3.20!!

So it was a successful day!!  I think I am really starting to figure out this whole couponing thing and am starting to see the savings for our family!  I find it to be a fun challenge to do for my family!

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