Thursday, May 5, 2011

I saved $71.83 today!!

WHOO HOO!!  I went shopping today using my sales ads and my coupons and saved $71.83!!  I am so happy!!  I thought I would share some of the deals that I got :-)!!

I went to four different stores - Target, Walgreens, CVS and Wal-Mart.

Here is a picture of what I got from Target!  I paid $4.98 for all of this!!!

The Suave shampoo was $0.84.  I had a MF coupon for $0.75/1 so I got it for $0.09!!
Target had web coupons if you buy an Airwick Freshmatic refill ($4.99 value) you got the gadget ($4.99 value) free.  I had two of these coupons.  So I picked up two gadgets and two refills.  I also had a MF coupon that was buy one refill and get one free.  So I got all 4 of these items ($19.96 value) for $4.99!!!
The degree deodorant was $0.97 and I had a $1.00/1 MF coupon for ANY degree deoderant. So I actually made $0.03 on this deodorant!  They applied the full coupon amount!! WHOO HOO! (love it when stores pay me to take items off of their shelf for them :-) )
The scissors were $1.49 each and I had a $1.00/1 MF coupon for each so I paid $0.49 for each of them!
I also had a $0.05 deduction applied to my total because I used my own bag to carry my items out in.  I also had $0.22 left on a gift card from the last time I was in the store!
So in the end I got $27.49 worth of items and paid only $4.98!!  That is a $22.51 savings!!

Next stop was Walgreens!!  Here are items that I got for $10.82!!

The Cottonelle 12 Big Rolls were on sale for $5 each and they had a deal going if you bought two then you got $3 RR.  Also the May Walgreens Coupon book had a $1/1 and that was applied to each and then I had two $0.50/1 MF Coupons!  (and I had a SUPER SWEET cashier that knew her stuff and when the register would not take the MF coupons she manually entered them (because you are able to stack a Walgreens coupon with a MF coupon!)  So that came to be $2.00 for each package!!  (that is $0.16 a roll!!)

The U by Kotex pads and liners were on sale for 2/$7 and you got back $2 RR when you bought 2.  I also had two $1/1 MF coupons to put on them so I ended up getting them for $1.50 a package!!!

I used the $5 RR I got on these on a second transaction to put towards Mother's Day gifts for the grandmas that the kids picked out for them :-)  (I can't share them on here because the grandma's might read this before they get their gifts!)

After this stop we went to McDonald's for lunch!  I let the kids play for a while on the playground!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and perfect for being outside.  They really seemed to enjoy the break too!  While they were playing I got to go through sales ads that I had picked up from my good friend Wendy this morning to figure out my match ups for our Wal-Mart trip!

We then went to CVS.  Here is a picture of what I got for $12.35!!
 I did this in two transactions (so that I could use my ECBs and get my full savings today!)

On the first transaction I got the Colgate toothpaste. The sale was you got it for $2.77 and then you got $2.77 back in ECBs!  (this means this was FREE!!!!)
I also got the Herbal Essence styling products.  CVS had them on sale for 2/$5.97 and you got back $2 in ECB bucks! I had a $1/1 MF coupon to put on top of that so I got each for $1.48!

On the second transaction I got three Listerine mouthwashes!  CVS had them on sale for $3.99 and I had three $1/1 MF coupons so I got each of them for $2.99 (good price for Listerine...not free but we were out). I used my $4.77 ECB from the first transaction to help pay for this one so that I got my full savings on the first transaction!

Our last stop was Wal-Mart!  Now I won't share everything that I got at Wal-Mart because a lot of it was our normal things that we needed and some didn't even have coupons (BOO! but what can you do!).  But I did find some really good savings and in the end I paid $58.47 for $78.71 worth of items - a savings of $20.24!!  That $20 is big to me!  :-)

But here are a few of the deals that I got:
The Scott Naturals toilet paper were on sale for $2.68 each (they were 4 mega roll pkg) I had two $1.50/1 MF coupons which made these $1.18 a package (which was $0.29 for each MEGA roll!!)  Man!  I scored big on toilet paper today!  LOL!!  We are stocked for a little while now :-)

The Skinner pasta was on sale at Krogers this week - they were running a deal that if you bought 10 of any of the participating items then you got an extra $5 off.  Thankfully the ad put the $0.50 off savings for each product so that you could price match!.  So the Krogers ad showed these pasta packages to be $0.38 each if you bought 10.  The price of these at Wal-Mart was $1.04 each!!  That was as savings of $0.66 on EACH - or $6.60 total!!

I also got the Reach Floss - Wal-Mart had it for $0.88 and I had $1/1 MF coupons!!  So Wal-Mart paid me  $0.12 per package of floss to take them out of their store!!  I only had 3 of these coupons left - so the total that Wal-Mart paid me today to take these was $0.36!!  (once again I LOVE it when stores pay me to take merchandise out of the store for them!!)

Not Pictured:
I also matched a deal at David's for pork butt roast (my favorite kind of roast - SO TENDER!).  They had it on sale for $1.99/lb.  Wal-Mart's price was $2.28/lb.  With the 7.24 lb roast that I got I saved $2.09!!  (and a roast that size will make two meals for my family!!)

I also matched David's ad for their Totino Party Pizzas!  My kids LOVE these pizzas and they make such easy lunches!  David's had them 10/$10.  Wal-Mart's price was $1.12 each!!  I also had two $1/5 MF coupons to put on top of them so I got each pizza for $0.80.  This provided a total savings of $3.20!!

So it was a successful day!!  I think I am really starting to figure out this whole couponing thing and am starting to see the savings for our family!  I find it to be a fun challenge to do for my family!


  1. What is RR's and ECB's? I really didn't think this coupon thing could be done in the real world because none of our local stores will double coupons over 50 cents but now I see how you did it. Thank you for laying it out like that!

  2. RR are Register Rewards from Walgreens. Basically they are a manufactured coupon that can be used on any item at Walgreens. You just have to remember that you cannot combine them with any other manufactured coupons (but you can combine them with Walgreens coupons).

    ECB are Extra Care Bucks at CVS! These are very simple to understand - they are basically CASH that you can use at CVS! They work like CASH! There is no limit on how many you can use or what you can use on it. If you get a $2 ECB that is like having a $2 bill that you can use at CVS!


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