Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alyssa Turns Two!!

It's hard to believe that Sunday my baby girl turned two years old!!  OMG! Where does the time go??  She is growing up way too fast!!

She is ALL GIRL!!  The frillier, shiner, blingier - the better!!  She LOVES her baby dolls!  She spends all day hugging them, putting them in the cradle with a blanket, walking them in their stroller, feeding them (she tries to feed them her cereal) and she even sings to them!  She was so excited to get baby bottles for her birthday so that she can now give them a bottle!

She loves her doll house and will spend countless time playing with it!

She also loves shoes!  In fact she got 4 pair for her birthday!!

She is my precious princess and I can't imagine life without her!

Of course I love these two little guys as well!  Even though they love to torture their sister and remove all of her baby doll's clothes!!  That's what brothers are for!!

But look at how much life she brings to the group!!  (this picture just cracks me up!  Not only the decked out princess but the typical "why me?" look on Aaron and Seth in his own little world!  A true picture of how our life is!! LOL!)

Have a great day!

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