Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Little Helpers

My boys have become such little helpers!! I wish they would never grow out of this but unfortunately I know that is probably not going to be the case...but as long as they don't know that it is work they will keep helping and I will try to keep that up as long as I possibly can :-)

Here are some videos of them helping around the house.

Helping with the laundry:

Helping with the dishes:

Helping clean my room:

Helping in the bathroom:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Alyssa a month old already?!?

Oh my gosh!! Has almost 6 weeks past already?!? That is just too hard to believe!! It feels like we just brought her home yesterday!! Alyssa is doing GREAT!!! She is settling into this family perfectly!! Her brothers just adore her and want to hold and kiss her all the time. Aaron will come up to her and go "baby sweet".

We are settling into our routine. Actually adjusting from 2 to 3 children has not been near as hard as it was adjusting from 1 to 2 children. And it helps that she is such an easy baby!! She doesn't hardly ever cry. Nights have not been too bad...she started off having her days and nights mixed up (but that is completely understandable considering she spent 8 days in the NICU where it was constant lighting 24 hours a would she know the difference between day and night) but she is getting better with that.

I have gotten my laptop back and am hoping that will help me to be able to make more regular blog posts :-) I know everyone wants to see pictures.

Seth has been enjoying playing his computer preschool games and is having a blast with them. I am excited about starting pre-k with him in the will need to check out our homeschool blog for posts on that!

And believe it or not Aaron will be 2 in July!! I am trying to figure out what we are going to do for his birthday. I am thinking we may take him to the Aquarium...he loves the fish. I would LOVE to take him to the zoo but it is just going to be too hot. I really think I want to take him somewhere instead of doing a party at the house this year. That made it so easy for Seth's birthday this year and I think we need to just keep that up :-) He will have plenty of birthdays to invite his friends out to the house for a party. Of course I will keep you updated on what I decide!!

Here are some pics for everyone. These were taken on Sunday!! Enjoy and I will talk to you again soon - I promise :-)!

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