Sunday, January 31, 2010

WAlyssa – 41 Week

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What I Love About Alyssa – 41 Weeks

Alyssa I love the little personality you are developing and how much fun you are to be around!  Everyone just adores you.  We had a good week this week…even with you having a little cold :-)!  You are not going to let anything get you down though!

This was a scene I walked in on this week and laughed so hard when I saw this!!  You had crawled inside one of those fold up clothes hampers and Aaron was pulling you around the kitchen floor in it.  You both were just a giggling too!  It was so cute!

You had a fun time playing with your Daddy and brothers this week!  Yall took a ride on Daddy’s belly…

and in the boys’ tonka dump truck!  You just squealed with delight!

You love being on the floor playing with your toys…that is when you are not picking up other stuff off the floor and putting it in your mouth!  Your Granny has given you the nickname “Hoover”. 

You have definitely turned the corner on eating!  You love to eat…especially when I give you something that you can feed yourself!  You think you are so big just like your brothers!


Alyssa you are a hambone and I love you!

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