Monday, January 25, 2010

Alyssa – 40 Weeks

Ok…not only am I late on this post but I was also very bad last week of not getting pictures – UGH!  Hopefully I can do better this week :-)

Alyssa had her 9 month well baby check up last week.  She is officially a “stick”!!  Her weight was 17 lb 8 oz (38% on the charts) but her height was 29 inches (96% on the charts) – she is long and skinny!  But overall it was a good check up!

Sadly though this weekend she had her very first ear infection :-( and we had our very first sick visit to the dr on Saturday.  But she is a trooper and she is doing better now!

I am happy to say that I have been able to find, I mean MAKE, time in my schedule to start sewing again!  I have always loved sewing but ever since Aaron has been born have had a hard time to find time to do it.  Well, now that I have a girl, I am wanting to do it again!  And I am already having so much fun at it!! 

Here are two dresses I have already made for her!

The polka dot dress is going to be her Valentine’s dress.  I made myself a skirt out of the same material :-)  I can’t wait to get pictures of us together in our outfits!!

Here are two pictures I did get.  These were from last Sunday.  This was a dress her Granny got her for Christmas!!  She looked super cute in it!!


Alyssa I love how cute you are!  You are learning how to wave and really reach your arms out when you want to be held!  It is so sweet.  It just melts my heart! 

You are super super fast at your belly crawling!  You don’t seem to have a desire to crawl on your hands and knees but why would you when you can belly scoot so well!

I love how you remained so sweet, probably even got sweeter, when you were sick this week!  I hated that you were sick but am so glad that is was just a minor ear infection!  I pray for your health every morning.  I do not like it when any of my babies are sick!

Alyssa I love you!  Even though I don’t get that many pictures of you on some weeks it doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent time with you or you haven’t had a cute week…I have just been too busy enjoying you to pause to grab the camera!  I don’t want to miss the moment :-)

I love you baby girl!!  The past 9 months with you have been a dream!

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