Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Virtual Christmas Tour of My Home

I have seen several blogs of people posting pictures of their houses all decked out for Christmas and I like to see them.  It's like a virtual tour of homes.  I thought I would join in on the fun as well!

We got our house all decorated last night.  The boys had a blast putting ornaments on the tree!  Alyssa LOVED all the pretty, shiny ornaments but at first HATED the idea of having to let go of them and put them on the tree!  She was throwing some bad fits!  But she eventually got the hang of things and started trying to help!  :-)

The fun part will be keeping her from removing the ornaments in the next month!  It might be quite an interesting month!

Now for the tour - enjoy!!

Our nativity scene (and the wreath hanging above is one the kids and I made last year)

My table!!

My centerpieces with a couple of my snowmen :-)

More snowmen - and my lighted potpourri vase)

A view of my 'wall of lighted garland'.  :-)

My pretty mantle with our new stockings!  I just love our new stockings this year!

Each stocking has a monogram pen!  (of course mine and Alyssa have some rhinestone bling on them!)

This is probably my favorite Christmas figurine!  It makes me laugh everytime I see it!  We have had it for years.  What is so funny (at least to me) about it is is the 5 o'clock shadow on Daddy Snowman!  He didn't always have that...but the first year we had him we were burning the tealight that came with it and the smoke from the flame hit the snowman just right!  We now laugh at him every year!  Is he not adorable?!?!

Better watch out - Santa is watching you!!!  :-)

And most of our ornaments have some special meaning associated with them!  It is so neat every year to think of the memories as we are putting the ornaments on the tree!  Of course since we now have kids we have such sweet sweet memories of their first Christmas!

My boys were so little here!  They grow up way too fast!

This poor ornament was one of Aaron's from his first Christmas...we have never gotten a picture put into it! How sad is that!!

Aww - but we did get his picture in this one!!  Look at that beautiful smile!!

And I think it is quite funny!  Seth has quite a few 'Baby's First Christmas' ornaments (of course because he was the first child) but not a single one of them were ornaments to put pictures in!  But this one is still one of my favorites of his!

I hope you enjoyed your tour! :-)


  1. Your house is so beautiful decorated for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your home tour with us.


  2. How fun ~ thanks for sharing your decorations. :) Once I get all the extras put away, I'll have to post more pictures of ours too. :)

  3. Thanks for opening your home to us, it is beautifully decorated. I love the idea of putting pins on the stockings to monogram them. Just gives them a special touch. :)

  4. Out of all the ones we have, only 2 have a spot for pictures. Thanks for showing off your Christmasy house. :)


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