Monday, November 8, 2010

My Faith Box

Several weeks ago I entered a blog giveaway over at Good Morning Girls for the "My Faith Box".
Here is the description of this awesome resource: "A new resource for parents to guide their child's faith journey and capture spiritual growth keepsakes.  My Faith Box includes a My Faith Box and My Faith Book.  Ideal to help you create an age-specific plan on each birthday and capture memories from special milestones; while giving you resources and ideas for how to be intentional in helping your child know, love and follow Jesus."

Angela decided to give one of these boxes to the total number of 153 people who entered the giveaway! You read that right - everyone who entered the giveaway received one!!!  

Mine arrived in the mail on Saturday!!!   I loved it so much that I am ordering 2 more so that I can have one for each child!!  Not only does this notebook provide away to journal spirtual milestone, special prayers, etc for your child.  It also has some AWESOME ideas to do as a family on regular occasions as well as some neat neat ideas for holidays!  In fact we will be using some of them for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!  I will blog about them when we do them :-)

Also the box is a good heavy-weight box that is perfect for keeping different memorabilia for your children!  I am just in love with this thing and feel so blessed that I was given one!!

Click here to order one for each of your children!  I promise it will be a blessing to you!!  If you are on facebook click here to check out their facebook page.

Have a great day!

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