Monday, December 20, 2010

Alyssa's Christmas Dress - A Refashion Project

One of my recent refashion projects for Alyssa was her Christmas dress!!

Last year my sister got her this adorable tie dress from a craft fair.  Last year it was way too big - this year it quickly became too short!  She only got to wear it once this Summer!!  But I love the fabric and since it has a lot of red in it I thought it would be pretty for Christmas.  And I had a perfect white shirt to go with it.

So here is the before - the dress and the shirt.

Here is the after!  I took the ties from the dress and made them into a ribbon bow for the front of the shirt. I gathered the material from the original dress to make the skirt.

I added a pretty Christmas sweater I had to it to complet the outfit!

This weekend we went and took Christmas pictures (my hubby happens to be a pretty awesome photographer!  Doesn't do it professionally but he certainly could!!)  Here is one of my favorites we got of Alyssa and it is a good model of her outfit!

(and you can't see from this picture but I love the length of this dress - hits her about mid calf!  You just can't hardly find dresses that long for little girls right now!)

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  1. Oh my!! What a treasure! The 'new' dress and the 'new' model! Happy Holidays to you and yours:)


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