Monday, December 13, 2010

Refashioning Clothes For Alyssa Again!

I have been a refashioning fool lately!!!  :-)  (I guess you could say it is part of Alyssa's Christmas present!)  I have made 12 new outfits for her in the past couple of weeks!!  Yay! Go Me!!  :-)

Here are 3 that I have made!

Project #1
Here is the original onesie and dress.  (The onesie was too small in the snap area, the dress was too short)
I cut off the onesie right above the snap area.  I cut off the bodice of the dress.  I then sewed the skirt to the bottom of the onesie (and then did a top stitch on the onesie part after that).  I LOVED how this one turned out!!
 Here is Alyssa modeling her new dress!

Project #2
A long sleeved shirt that was too short and a dress that was too short
Here are the original items.

 I didn't have to do anything to the shirt.  I just cut off the bodice of the dress and sewed the skirt to the shirt.  This shirt had a lettuced edged bottom so I sewed the skirt underneath that edge.  Here is the finished result.
 Here is Alyssa modeling the new dress.  She really acted like she liked this dress alot!  I think it was very comfortable for her!

 Project #3
This probably has to be one of my favorite refashion projects I have done yet!!  In the picture below is the dress that was too small and the onesie that was too small in the torso area and sleeves.  I did not get the white sweater that was too short pictured in the original picture.  I combined all three to make one dress!

On the onesie I cut off the sleeves and cut right above the snap area.  I also cut off the cuff of the sleeves.  I sewed the cuffs of the sleeves to the inside of the bottom of the sweater sleeves.  I then attached the sweater to the onesie.  I cut off the bodice of the dress and sewed the skirt to the bottom of the onesie.  There was an embroidered pair of ballet shoes that were cut off with the bodice portion.  I patched that embroidered piece to the front of the sweater!  I LOVED the results of this project!!  (it has a very cute 50s flair about me at least.)
 And here is Alyssa modeling the dress!  She wore it Sunday to church!  I thought she was absolutely beautiful (but I also admit I am quite partial! LOL!!)

One of the 12 projects I have done is her Christmas dress!!!!  I can't wait to get pictures of her in it!!  I will be sure to post pictures and the details of that project when I do!!

I love this whole refashioning thing!  It is fun to think of new ways to do it - the projects are fast to put together and my husband loves the fact that it saves us money on clothes!  HA!!

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