Thursday, October 21, 2010

From A Onsie to a t-shirt (and the blankets I made for the kids)

The easiest refashion project yet!  It literally took me longer to thread my serger for this one than it did to complete the project from start to finish!

I had this onesie that was too snug for Alyssa at the snaps due to her long torso!  Now I have seen where you can add an extension to the snap area to keep it as a onesie...but I decided to do something a bit different.  I decided to make it into a shirt.

I cut off the bottom of the onesie right above the leg binding.

Then I just serged the bottom of the shirt.  I used wooly nylon thread and stretched the onesie as I serged to give it a ruffle effect.

That's it!  Easy as can be!

Here is my little model wearing the shirt!  :-)  She actually cooperated for the camera this time.  She even said "cheese"!!

(and she is wearing her new skirt with attached leggings)

Our New Blankets

I thought I would go ahead and add to this post the kids' new blankets!  We were at Wal-Mart the other day in the fabric section and Seth and Aaron found the novelty cotton prints and started yelling "Mommy I want this!  Make me something!"  Of course how could a Mommy say no...especially when it would allow Mommy to sew and it was something other than a toy they were begging for!

Anyways I told them to pick out their favorite print.  Seth chose a fireman print, Aaron chose a Disney Cars print (of course) and Alyssa chose Eeyore and Pooh (I held up several girlie ones for her to choose from...she pointed very plainly to that one.)

I got a yard of each of those fabrics and a yard of coordinating fleece.  I came home and washed and machine dried the fabrics so that they would get their shrinking done and then I just simply sewed the two together (right-sides in...and then flipped and then top sewed around all edges).

They loved them!  The only mistake I made was thinking Alyssa wouldn't care as much about them as the boys.  I made sure I finished both boys before giving them to them so that they got them at the same time.  I hadn't finished Alyssa's though...and boy was she mad that she wasn't getting her blanket yet!  She sure let me know she was mad about it too!  I have never made something so fast as I did her blanket :-)!!

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