Monday, January 10, 2011

Alyssa has new pajamas!!

My poor baby girl is sick :-(  But I just made her happy!  I just presented her with a new pair of pajamas that I made her!!  It was of course another refashion project.

You see I got a pair of pajama pants for Christmas that my husband just thought were plain hideous. (Sorry Mom)  They were a pair of fuzzy fleece pajama pants that had tinkerbell all over them.  I tried to wear them Sunday when it was bitterly cold (and it wasn't even to bed...just to lounge around the house) and he gave me such a hard time about them.

But Alyssa, on the other hand, loved them!  She loves soft fuzzy stuff and she LOVES and ADORES tinkerbell (she calls her beebell).

So that gave me an idea - what if I could take these pants and make them into pajamas for her.

Here's a pic of the pajama pants and the sleeper that I used to make a pattern.  (this is a sleeper that she is currently fitting in so I couldn't cut it for the pattern - just had to use it as a guide)

I used the sleeper as a guide and cut out all my pattern pieces and then sewed it together.  I used the bottom of the pajama pants as the bottom of the sleeper (so that I didn't have to hem an edge...and I decided against trying to to put the feet portion in the sleeper).

I used the waistband of the pants as the bottom of the sleeves (once again so I didn't have to hem the sleeve edge.

Here is the finished sleeper!
The blue ribbon down the middle was to cover up a mess up.  I attached the zipper my favorite way where you baste the opening closed, then sew on your zipper and then rip the basting.  Well, this is very fluffy fleece and seams get hidden in the fleece, even basting stitches.  There were a couple of times that the seam ripper ended up ripping thread from the fleece instead of the basting thread.  Therefore it created a small hole. But I attached the ribbon with a decorative stitch to look like it was meant to go there :-)

Here is my precious baby girl modeling her new pjs.  You can tell by her droopy eyes that she is not feeling good, but the pjs did bring a smile to her face :-)  (so you see Mom you just didn't realize at the time that you were buying another Christmas present for Alyssa!)

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