Friday, November 20, 2009

What I Love About Alyssa – 31 Weeks


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Alyssa – 31 Weeks

Alyssa there are so many things I love about you!!

I love how much you enjoyed yourself at the park this week!  You were in the stroller most of the time while I was playing with the boys but you didn’t seem to mind.  You were enjoying being out in the sunshine as much as the rest of us!!


I love how you will play so hard on the floor, rolling everywhere, and then will finally just give it up and fall asleep!  And I cracked up when I took this picture…you managed to put your play mat on top of you like a blanket!


I love the relationship you and I are developing!  My prayer is that we will be close and that you will feel that you can talk to me about anything!


You are still quite finicky about your eating…You will eat about 3 or 4 bites of breakfast (no matter what it is I give you).  I can’t get you to eat anything at lunch…and you will eat a bit more at supper sometimes.  Oh well – you are still nursing really well and I guess that is what matters right now!  :-)  I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about you weaning yourself from the breast before I am ready like both of your brothers did!


I love the fact that I finally got a picture of your nose wrinkle!!!  You are so funny!!


This was taken right after that shot.  This was your reaction to me getting so excited that I actually got a picture of your nose wrinkle!!


You love your brothers so much and you love playing on Seth’s bed while I am getting them ready for bed!!


I love how when I put the camera card in the computer to get the pictures I found quite a few pictures of you on the camera that I didn’t take…apparently Seth got hold of Mommy’s camera again!  But I must say he did get some good pictures of you!!

  IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1562

Oh Alyssa I love watching you grow!!  You melt my heart more and more every day!!  You really have completed our family!!  I said this with both of the boys as well…but I can’t even hardly remember life without you now!!

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