Friday, November 13, 2009

Alyssa – 30 Weeks

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What I Love About Alyssa – 30 Weeks

*First I want to apologize for not getting Alyssa’s 29 week post up last week…we were remodeling our kitchen so I didn't have time to play on the computer last week at all :-(.  Even though there is work left to do I am back at it this week!!  I hated missing this post!!


Alyssa I love how good you were during the kitchen remodel.  For the most part as long as you were in the same room with me you were fine!  You did a lot of playing in your activity chair on the table and you love playing on the new kitchen floor!


I love how you wrinkle your nose up and make grunting sounds.  It is the cutest thing!!  But you are a stinker!  You will not let me get a picture of it!!

I love all the little faces that you love to make.  I love how you purse your lips and how puff your cheeks!!  And you are constantly smiling!  You are the happiest little baby!


I love the fact that you love eating now – you are getting quite enthusiastic about it!!  Mommy’s spoon is not fast enough now!! 

You have a little bit of your Poppy in you though…you do not like green peas!!  You make the most God awful faces when I try to feed them to you.  You will kind of tolerate them if I mix them with baby cereal but you refuse to swallow them if I feed them to you with nothing else mixed in!  It’s so funny!!  My boys would eat ANYTHING I put in their mouth!  It looks like you are going to be the picky one!!


You are not crawling yet but I am expecting it to happen any time now!  You have figured out how to get just about anywhere you want by rolling.  You are all over the living room now (usually trying to get close to your brothers).


Your little legs are constantly kicking now.  I seriously think the only time they are not kicking is when you are sleeping or nursing.

You are also becoming quite a jabber box!!  You love to coo and talk and you even mumble while you are nursing.  You are so cute!!


You love to reach for me and it melts my heart every time!!  You love to give hugs and kisses too!!


I have to constantly keep my hair up now because you love to pull it and yank and you try to grab it as much as you can.  I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it didn’t hurt so bad :-)

The cutest thing though are the nights that I end up in the guest bed with you in the wee hours of the morning.  After a few hours ofa sleeping with you cuddled against my back you will decide it is time to wake up and will give my hair a good yank to wake me up!

Alyssa I love you so much!!!  You are my cuddle bug!!

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