Friday, November 27, 2009

Alyssa – 32 Weeks


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What I Love About Alyssa – 32 Weeks

I love how much you love to play!  You love to roll all around the floor!  You are going to be crawling any day now!

I love how well you are starting to be able to sit in restaurant high chairs.  You are not as slumped over any more :-)

I love how cute you look in the coat that Mommy crocheted for you before you were born :-)

I love this adorable picture taken of you on your very first Thanksgiving!!

In keeping with the tradition we had to give you a turkey leg on your first Thanksgiving!  You liked to chew on it (probably because you are teething) but you would not hold it!  I had to hold it for you!

Look at this dirty look you are giving me!!  I crack up every time I look at this picture!!

I like that pretty smile much better!


I love you my little angel!!


Of course – your brothers love you lots too!!

I can’t forget my boys!!  I love them so very much too!!  (Daddy told me I am spending too much time gushing about Alyssa…)  I love my family and am very THANKFUL for all of them!!  I am so blessed!


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