Monday, July 11, 2011

Bye Bye PiPi!!!

(this is the latest picture I have of Alyssa with her pipi - it is 4 months old)

I have to tell you I have been COMPLETELY SHOCKED this week!  I have been dreading, I mean really dreading, the whole weaning Alyssa from her pipi delimna!  For a while now she has only been taking it at nap time and at nighttime but I just KNEW she would give such a fight if we tried to take it away!

Well, once again, my baby girl has shocked me!!  It all started Friday night.  I had a mom's night out and somehow ended up with the pipi in my purse...well I didn't make it home until way after the kiddo's bed time. Daniel said she went down without a fuss, not even asking for it!!  (of course she had played really hard up at her Granny's house that evening so we just figured she was too tired to care).

Well the next day I put her down for her nap and she cried pretty good so I finally gave in (I know bad mommy but oh well) and gave it to her.  But that night we put her down and I thought we would try again to not give it to her.  Well, she cried for me but then Daddy went in there after me and when he came out of the room she was quiet - and stayed quiet!  I assumed that he gave in but he didn't!  I asked him "what is your secret?"  He said "I just stroked her hair and her cheek until she stopped crying".

Well Sunday at nap time Daddy wasn't around so I thought I would give that a try - and guess what - it WORKED!!  And it worked again last night and again today at naptime!!  All we do is stroke her cheeks and her hair until she stops crying (which takes less than a minute) and she quiets down and we don't hear another peep!!!

THANK YOU JESUS!!  I could not have dreamed this to be any easier!!  OMG!!

:-( But wait...that just means she is growing up even more :-( ... oh my heart!  I don't know if I can take this :-(...

Anyways, until next time,


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