Friday, December 18, 2009

Alyssa – 35 Weeks

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What I love about Alyssa – 35 Weeks


I love how much you are getting into this whole Christmas thing!!  I don’t see how anyone could have a depressing Christmas with you around!

You poor baby you are cutting 4 teeth right now!!  Your 2 front right teeth have cut the surface and your 2 front left teeth are right underneath the gum.  But you are a trooper and I thank God for teething drops!!

You are starting to enjoy your baby food – FINALLY!!  You definitely have a sweet tooth and prefer the fruit and the sweeter veggies.  You love to eat baby food at dinner time…but are still not so sure about eating it at breakfast or lunch time.


You are really getting the army (belly) crawl down!!  It is so much fun watching you!!  You are into EVERYTHING though!  We really have to keep a watchful eye on you when you are on the floor!

You have even gotten up on your hands and knees a few times but really can’t figure out how to move yet when you do get up.  It won’t be long though!!

You are really starting to get some hair in too…and it is sticking straight up!!  There is still not enough to put a bow in it but it won’t be long!  I am dying to put a bow in your hair!!


And Daddy is trying to deny it but you have started saying “MaMa”!!  I think it is the most precious sound in the world (even if you are just making noises and not intentionally saying MaMa”)

I love you my baby girl!  I can’t wait to spend your first Christmas with you!  You are going to be so much fun!


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  1. Oh she is so cute! Ladybug has started to say Da Da!!! She even looks at him we think it is intentional, but who knows?


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