Monday, August 17, 2009

Cute Pics

Aaron & Alyssa

It is amazing how much Alyssa looks like Aaron!! You almost can't tell them apart!!

Aaron at around 3 months old:

Alyssa at about the same age: (at least she is wearing pink!!)

Another one of Aaron at 3 months:

And Alyssa at 3 months:

Playing in the car

We got the car cleaned up and ready for Alyssa this week. We bought this car when Seth was about her age. I thought it would be fun to look at the first pics of the kids in the cars...realized I guess we never got any pics of Aaron in the car. I know he played in it! But I can't seem to find any pics...sorry Aaron.

Anyways, here is Seth:

And here is Alyssa! (they don't favor as much as Alyssa and Aaron)

Too Sweet!

I found another forgotten picture on a camera!! This was taken the night we came home from Galveston (we were at my parents house that night). I propped Alyssa up on the couch to run and do something (don't remember what) but when I came back just a couple of minutes later she was sound asleep! I guess the vacation wore her out!!

Have a great evening everyone!

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