Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to our new blog!

Hey guys!! Welcome to the new blog!! Since there are no longer going to be just little cowboys in the household...My Little Cowboys would not work to continue with. So I have designed a new blog for our family happenings!

But I need something from you. I need some feedback. How does the design look on your computer. I designed it myself so I am a bit concerned about how it looks on different resolutions and screen sizes so I need some feedback!

And it won't be long before I can change Alyssa's flower to a picture of her instead of a sono picture!!!


  1. I love it, Kellie! Wish I was as creative/talented as you gals are with all of these cool thinks that scroll up and down and the backgrounds and the kids and the - well just everything! Good job! It looks great on my Apple Mac...Rosemary

  2. You did this yourself? WOW! It looks great, and I'm not using one of the super wide screens. I look forward the new baby pictures!! (again, Congratulations on you little girl:)


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